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Our Team

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Commitment to Excellence

The most important aspect to create successful and profitable promotions is that your players have a high level of desire to participate. Players Travel has chosen the absolute best partners and packages and our skilled staff has pre-qualified each event package before we even offer it to you.


Commitment to Trust

We know you will only send your players on a cruise event if you can trust your partners. Players Travel does not work with cruise lines that have any financial affiliation with a gaming company. We will never share your list with any 3rd party.


Commitment to Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the main components of working with Players Travel and our partners. We truly understand what it means to create an event that meets your casino and player-base needs.  Players Travel does not simply sell cruise events. We are available for all stages of your promotion and we partner with you to make sure that each event will be profitable and successful by your criteria.


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