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Casino Group Cruise events have been our specialty since Players Travel was founded in 1999. These VIP group events offer an unrivaled opportunity to drive revenue and build loyalty with your casino’s most valuable players.  We are committed to helping you select the best possible option for your casino, your players, and your budget.

Try Something New

Making a promotion where you send 50 to 200 of your top players to foreign countries on a cruise ship would cause any casino marketing executive to think twice. The traditional promotions are all based on getting your players to come to your casino more consistently and frequently, not send them away.


Increase Player Loyalty, Profitability and Prestige

But what if that promotion is the event that benefits your casino in the best possible way and helps you reach all the goals you have for your player incentive programs? Players Travel has been doing Casino Group Cruise Events for more than a decade and has witnessed the astonishing impact that these events have had on player loyalty, profitability, and prestige.


For Any Size Casino

We have been perfecting the promotions for more than a decade and put all our extensive knowledge and experience into providing the absolute best possible promotions for you. Depending on your goals and objectives, we will offer you the optimal, non-solicitation alliance with the cruise line best fitted for you and your budget. You decide which players and what destination, and we do all of the work!

Hassle Free


You Make the Decision and We Do All the Work

The foremost requirement to obtain all of these benefits is that the event is handled flawlessly and efficiently. It is imperative for your results that everything is planned in detail and executed perfectly. Planning casino cruise events is time consuming, labor intensive, and complicated with numerous pitfalls to avoid. We even provide hotels and resort booking!


Experience in Creating Successful Promotions

Can you do it on your own? Probably. Can you get the same results? Doubtful. But why would you even consider doing it when Players Travel has more than a decade of experience… and it is part of our service?


Players Travel Makes It Easy for You

The experienced staff at Players Travel will not only plan the event for you, we will transport, book hotel/resort if needed, escort, host and manage the complete casino cruise event for you and we make sure that all your players have the best possible experience. We are the only company that makes cruise lines sign a contract to not solicit your players.  And yes, we are really that good...just ask our clients.


Hassle Free
Increased Loyalty


Proven Way to Build Player Loyalty

A casino cruise event will build loyalty towards your casino in a number of ways. When performed with the necessary expertise and efficiency, it will bring your hosts and executives closer to your players in a way that no other promotion can do. You will get to know your top players on a personal level and be able to show them that you care about them.


Your Players, on a Personal Level

Taking your players on a cruise is like taking them on your personal vacation. They get to dine with you, hang out at the beach with you, go on shore excursions with you, and even gamble with you.
Player to Player – The best of them become best friends
Players to Host – Makes hosts friends, not employees
Player to Executive – Players brag about cruising with the boss
Player to Casino – Branded banners, door signs, lanyards, etc.


Add Players Travel to the Mix

When Players Travel add our unsurpassed treatment and everything is world class, your players will both appreciate your effort and have lifetime memories that forever will keep them loyal to your casino.


Increased Loyalty
Increased Loyalty
Unmatched ROI


Travel Promotions Averages 60-75% ROI

A typical promotion may have 90 days increased play earning period with an awards party before you announce a grand prize winner. When you compare that to our Players Travel promotions, it broadens the opportunities tenfold. A $100,000 cruise promotion typically returns over $300,000 in gaming revenue. When you choose a Players Travel promotion, your ROI/ROS averages between 60-75% ROS (proven over the last 14 years). Then add the huge increase in loyalty from your best players!


More Revenue than Any Other Event

Furthermore, you have 40-200 players as Grand Prize Winners instead of one, so the opportunity of making more events within the promotion itself, such as starting with 90 days of increased play “Earning Period”, 1-3 days “Awards Party”, 1-3 days “2nd Chance Party”, 1-3 days “Bon Voyage Party”, 7-12 days “Cruise Event Parties”, 1-2 days “Cruise Return Party”, and a 1-3 days “Reunion Party”.


Proven Way to Success

No other promotion provides higher ROI/ROS and at the same time generates bigger gratitude from the players than what Players Travel offers. Contact Us to see the actual figures from these promotions.


Unmatched ROI
Unique Promotion


Something Your Players Cannot Buy

Many casinos tell us that their VIPs can buy anything the casino has given away. A Players Travel Group Cruise is an experience that no player can purchase. They have to earn it or win it. The event reminds them that they are special and they appreciate that it is a “priceless” vacation.


Creates Atmosphere of Exclusivity

The combination of traveling with friends and staff from your casino, our excellent service, organized transportation, and many exclusive onboard events makes this truly a “priceless” package. Players Travel’s casino cruise promotions are the only opportunity many of the VIPs have to get to know the upper management of the casinos and visa-versa. Building a special bond with casino managers is what really creates the loyalty towards your casino.


Increase Your Players’ Anticipation

When planned, managed and completed correctly, no other event is more appreciated by your players. No other promotion creates more impact and profitability between casinos and their players. Don’t leave it to chance – leave it to Players Travel.


Unique Promotion
Multiple Events


Increase Your Gaming for a Year

Players Travel’s promotions provide for highly increased profitability in too many ways to mention all, but we have listed some of the events (scroll down to see more) that we have participated in over the past decade and that have proven its success when it comes to our cruise promotions:

VIP Invitational Slot Tournament

Instead of the standard cash prizes, offer an all-expense-paid cruise to, for example, Alaska for the top 50 winners. First place gets the Penthouse, second the standard suite, and third place receives a mini-suite. All other winners enjoy private balcony staterooms. Players love knowing they have a 1-in-20 chance of winning instead of 1-in-1000 like most promotions.


Weekend Cruise Parties

Invite 500 VIPs to attend a “3 Day Cruise Weekend” on your property with a party on the last night giving away 50 Caribbean cruises by random draw. You get 3 days of gaming revenue plus a 2nd Chance Party and a Bon Voyage Party.


Cruise-A-Day Giveaway

Cruises are the perfect traffic builder. Give away a cruise daily via drawing tickets earned by play. We put all the winners on the same cruise so your casino still gets the rebate program.

Earning Period Cruise Event

Pick a 90 day period to drive business and award Mexican Riviera cruises to the 50 top point earners. As an example it might be the earning period from June – August with a cruise in November.

Cross Property Promotion

Several smaller properties might have small budgets so combine them. Each property selects an above program and reduces the prizes to only 10-20 cruise packages each. All the winners go on the same “corporate” sailing and the rebate is split amongst the properties.


Due to the confidential nature of the profits and out of respect for our partners, we cannot show the actual calculations from these events on this website, but we will be more than happy to provide you with further evidence. Please Contact Us to learn more.


Multiple Events
VIP Prestige


Become the Casino with the Best Prizes

It is tough to measure the bragging rights of being treated like royalty by your casino and being part of the exclusive “in-crowd” of your casino’s “VIP club”. There is little doubt that it will create a desire to become part of this elite group.


Win Players from Your Competitors

When you make a VIP appreciation promotion and send out an invitation to participate in the president of the casino’s private cruise, even the hardest gambler’s reluctance to make your casino his home base will soften. When they meet the executives of your casino onboard they develop a relationship, maybe even friendship. The urge to tell someone else about their amazing experience becomes overwhelming. This prestige is what will draw other players from your competitor’s casinos.

Long Term Commitment from Your Players

Players Travel have experienced what it means for the players to participate in casino cruise promotions year after year and we help casinos secure the level of loyalty and “prestige enhancement” that is so crucial to survive in this economy.


VIP Prestige
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